Welcome to the creative and much needed subject called "Marketing". In my opinion, marketing is very important for each of us whether we are in marketing function or any other function of a business. Unless we learn to market our product (the product can be our own individual offerings inside an organization), buyers will never even know about your product in this thick market competition. Thus, our sales will come down...

Even till recent past, products were designed and built by inventors who hoped that they would sell. However, if these products fail to satisfy some needs they would never sell in the market place. Therefore consumer oriented thinking becomes necessary for any business to survive and grow.

"Unless you sell the product, you should not manufacture it" is the emerging theme.Concern for marketing must permeate all business units of an organization. Thus, everything we do falls under the umbrella of marketing. 

In this knowledge leaf, we learn about:

1. The Meaning of Marketing
2. Human Needs and Marketing Concept
3. The Marketing mix
4. The Marketing Strategy :: Case in Point: Uber's Marketing Mix